Super Healthy, Grab and go, packed any way you want, DIY Mason Jar Salads.

Easy and Fast a Weeks worth of lucnhes in just 10 minutes

Mason Jar Salads are the perfect lunch on the go solution. There are easy to prep and can be made a whole week at a time. I have tested these salads for the last few weeks in a few different varieties. The result is that I was blown away by how fresh the salad stayed. I couldn’t believe how crisp everything still was five days later. 

The pictures of these salads have no protein because I ate them with chili for lunch. You can easily add protein if you want to. I have added protein to the other Mason Jar Salads I made.

A weeks worth of lunches in just minutes

Remember that when you are making a mason jar salad, the KEY is to keep the wet ingredients far away from the lettuce. You want your lettuce to stay crisp and dry as it sits in the jar up to a few days. This tip is the most important one, layering is key to a great tasting fresh mason jar salad. I make a weeks worth of these salads in less than 30 minutes and BAM! I have lunches for a week ready to go! It’s much better for you to have a healthy go to ready in the fridge, than getting the takeout burger or last minute chips or other bad choice you will regret for the rest of the day.

DIY Mason Jar Salads

The key to layering is

  1. Dressing
  2. Non absorbent veggies
  3. Absorbent veggies
  4. Protein (Optional)
  5. Greens
  6. Toppings

The Veggie options are endless but distinguishing the difference between absorbent and non absorbent is Important. You don’t want your veggies to soak up all the dressing leaving the rest of the salad dry. Here is a list of possible produce options for you.


Steps to a great Mason Jar Salad.

  1. Measure the salad dressing into the bottom of the mason jar.
  2. Add the hard vegetables that will hold up to sitting in the dressing for a few days.  By the last day, they’ll be a little marinated, so to speak, but totally yummy.  Think carrots, celery, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.  Cut them as hunky as you can stand them.  The bigger the chunks, the better they’ll hold up to sitting in the dressing.
  3. Add the softer vegetables like tomatoes, corn, onions, avocado, etc.
  4. Add your choice of protein to the salad.  This could be things like shredded cheese, cubed cooked meats, hard-boiled eggs or beans.
  5. Top everything off with the greens of your choice.  My fave is romaine and spinach, but choose what you like.
  6. Cover and store in the fridge for up to five days.  When ready to eat, turn the mason jar upside down and dump the contents into a bowl.  Give the salad a stir and enjoy!

Easy Mason Jar Salads Best Lunches Ever!

What other healthy time saver do you use?
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Fast and Easy mason jar salad

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Spicy Mason Jar Salad
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Servings Prep Time
6 servings 10 Minutes
Servings Prep Time
6 servings 10 Minutes
Spicy Mason Jar Salad
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
6 servings 10 Minutes
Servings Prep Time
6 servings 10 Minutes
Servings: servings
  1. Chop all the veggies, wash and dry the lettuce and spinach
  2. In seperate bowl mix greek yogurt, ranch dip mix, salsa and bbq sauce
  3. Begin with pouring 2-4 tbsp of the dressing in the bottom of the jar.
  4. Next Layer in the non-absorbent veggies. The celery, aspeargaus, peppers and carrots.
  5. Then Layer in the cucumber and green onions.
  6. Then fill to the top with the lettuce and spinach mixture. make sure to pack it tight.
  7. place moisture sensitive ingredients on top. the cheese and the chips then place the cover on tight and place in the fridge until ready to eat.
  8. When ready to eat dump the whole jar in to a bowl and mix it up and enjoy!
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