In a few simple steps you can turn leftover turkey bones into a rich, flavorful, healthy turkey stock.Bone Broth

Stock and Broths are a pantry staple in my house. They are used in many different ways every single week. Homemade Stocks and broths adds the ultimate level of flavor to may dishes, Soups, sauces, stir-fry’s are just the beginning. The boxed kind just can’t compete with the tasty richness of homemade turkey stock.

This is guideline not a real recipe. Learning how to make turkey stock is so simple and basically impossible to mess up. You can use the exact same process to make chicken stock, with slight tweek in the guide you can make beef stock or veggie stock as well.

Bone Broth

Why make your own stock.

The number one reason I started making my own stock is that I can control what is in it. the store bought kinds can contain a ton of sodium and MSGs. Also I like finding a use for the leftovers that would normally go straight to the trash. I save most of the vegetable scraps from weekly meal prep ( such as carrot and potato peelings and ends, celery, onion peels and scraps, garlic ends, broccoli stems, celery bottoms ..etc.)

Bone Broth

How to make turkey stock (or any stock) in a few easy steps.

I used a big stock pot, but you can do this in a slow cooker or an instant pot. I prefer to use a stock pot because i love the smell of stock simmering on the stove for most of the day. but the same method can be used in either appliance.

Gather your ingredients

The absolute ideal time to make turkey stock is after you have roasted a turkey or chicken or bought a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. remove the meat and save the carcass for the stock. If you don’t have time to make the stock the same day you can freeze the leftover bones in a large freezer bag and save them for another day.

I save all my veggie peels and steams from meal prep from the week and use them when I make stock. But in a pinch basically what ever veggies you have on hand will work with very little prep needed. Just cut in half or large quarters if needed. I always use Onions, Carrots, Celery and Garlic, Peels stems and all. Any other veggies you have will work as well. If you want you can put the veggies on a baking sheet and roast them for a about 40 minutes then add them and any pan drippings to the pot. I rarely ever do this but it does add more flavor. I also add some fresh herbs to the pot such as parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil, maybe a bay leaf or two and a few peppercorns.

Bone Broth

Add Water to the Pot.

Once all of your veggies, seasonings and bones are in the pot its time to add the water. You don’t want to add to much water to the pot it will dilute the flavor to much. I find the I add enough water to cover all the ingredients by about an inch and a half. but also making sure there is a good two to three inches from the top of the pot so that when it boils it won’t boil over. I used about 6 liters of water, but depending on the size of your pot you may need more or less. Let water sit in the pot for 30 minutes with a all the ingredients plus a splash of white wine or apple cider vinegar for 30 minutes before turning the heat on.

Simmer, Simmer, Simmer.

Turn on medium high heat and bring the pot to a boil. Once stock is boiling, reduce to medium heat. and let the stock simmer for at least three hours. I personally like to let mine simmer for about 8 hours checking water level every couple hours. I also sit the cover on the top of the pot but tilted up so that it covers 3/4 of the pot. this will help the liquid from evaporating to fast. do not let the liquid level go under half of what you started with. you can add a liter or two if needed whenever you like. but be careful not to dilute the stock only add more water if you really feel like its necessary.


Bone Broth

Strain and Store.

When your stock is done it should be a golden yellow color. You should taste it and see if you are satisfied with the flavor. Add a bit of salt to bring out more of the chicken flavor. When you are satisfied with the color and flavor of the stock it is now time to strain it. I used a regular colander to first drain the stock into a smaller pot or glass bowl. Then I used a fine mesh sieve strainer to strain the stock one more time before storage. You can store cooled stock in mason jars in the fridge for 5-7 days. I like to freeze my stock. I use muffin tins and freeze into disks then pop out and store in a freezer bag for up to 6 months. Each muffin cup holds about 1/4 cup of broth this makes it convenient for all recipes whether you need a little or a lot.

Turkey Bone Broth

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Bone Broth
How to make your own turkey stock - Bone Broth
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Bone Broth
How to make your own turkey stock - Bone Broth
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  1. Read the method above in post or put everything in a large pot and bring to a simmer and let simmer until the water turns a golden yellow color. Taste and season with salt if you need it.
  2. There are plenty of tips to walk you through this very simple guide in the above post.
  3. Strain your stock and store for use how every you like,
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  1. We enjoyed Asian inspired Chicken Noodle soup made with this stock the next day. It was the single best cup of soup I have ever tasted in my life. Deceptively simple and unbelievably delicious!

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