The Coat Rack.

As my first real project in our new rental I wanted to start in the porch. a beautiful room to White Coat Rackwalk in to be welcomed and feel very homelike. The porch in our new place is much bigger that the last one. so with fresh beige paint as a canvas I will begin. I came a cross a coat rack someone was selling for $10 it was a basic white metal coat rack with plastic balls at the ends of the bent metal rods. Basically it was exactly what I was looking for. (more…)

Fresh Strawberry Pie


Summer Strawberry, Pie, Sweets

early to mid summer on this tiny island means many things. one of which is fresh strawberries. one of my favorite memories growing up was spending our days on the river at our cottage and finishing a long day of playing in the water or roaming around the wood to my mother calling us in for supper and that usually meant bbq’d something followed by this amazing fresh strawberry pie. now as a mother I look back on these moments and realize… I need to make that pie! (more…)

My First Ipsy Glam Bag

What a Wonderful Monday it was. I had the day off today so I took my daughter to the beach for most of the day to beat the heat, a balmy 33 degrees on this island. I also cleaned my car so I feel like I have got it together now. I love accomplishing things on that to-do list. After that miss B and I went into town to the local bakery to get some late lunch and check the mail, it has finally arrived! My first Ipsy glam bag is here! We were so excited and barely made it home before tearing into the bag (more…)


So lets begin. I am a list maker. I love writing lists. I have books designated to specific kinds of lists. One for grocery lists, one for to-do lists. one for goals and buckets lists. this has been the way I get thing done for as long as I can remember. writing list after list of things a I want or want to do, books I’ve read or want to read,.. making list has always help me vision the future and complete my goals. Crossing things off my lists is my favorite part.(ooh the feeling of accomplishment is so motivating even when its just simple things like  sweep the floor, buy milk or travel to Vegas, still the feeling of being able to say “I did that” is a feeling I love. I am trying something new here. I want to turn my dream to do list into real life and beginning this blog is step one. I want to build the life I’ve always wanted to live by just taking the time to create the things I want, explore the world around me, and share the things a love with the world. Blogging to me is the answer to that.  I want to form an outlet for all of my obsessions in one sparkly messy package. My love for good food, creating new things out of old things, traveling near and far, and anything that shines, glimmers or sparkles. This is my way of being able to share with the world (or at least a small part of it) my trials and errors of navigating through the next era of my life. This is something I have always wanted to do and as I make the final approach to turning thirty I decided to jump right in and enjoy. I’m very excited to start sharing my ideas and adventures, and explore a whole new world online.


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