Hi I’m Ashley!

A Sparkly MessI am rarely found without a cup of hot coffee in my hand and I am crazy passionate about anything creative! I love to cook, create
new things and revamp old things as well. Being creative is something I thrive on in every aspect of my life! I love do it yourself projects and I always have spray paint and glitter on hand. I love being creative because it has a way of forcing me to challenge myself everyday. I want this blog to inspire others to challenge themselves to be creative. Creativity is a form of survival. What ever you do be Brave an make it your own!

I am almost 30 and loving every minute of my life as i get older. I Live in a small town in PEI, Canada. My 20’s were pretty great and i am looking forward to the adventures in the next chapter of my life. I am a proud mama to my daughter Brynn, a Beautiful, spirited, strong willed 7 year old who constantly reminds me to slow down and enjoy life. My boyfriend Glen has a constant supply of love and support. He always believes in me and has patience for all my ideas and rants and need for technically support. He is my scientist, my realist and my biggest fan.

Exploring places near and far has always been a passion of mine. I want to see this whole world! I Love to travel. I do it as much as I can and I am a true believer that experiences teaches us more about the world around us and ourselves than anything else. I love to explore new places. my favorite place to go is somewhere’s i have never been.

Dreaming to me means planning. I love imagining, coming up with ideas and planing out how to make them happen. I work hard to make my plans come fruition. Without dreaming or imagining nothing would ever happen.  Dream big, Be brave and make things happen.

Couple things you should know about me.

I always need/want coffee.

I love to read. Reading is an escape from this world into another. Mostly I read science fiction and fantasy but also have a soft spot for YA novels/series (this comes from a huge love for Harry Potter)  I will never out grow Harry Potter.

I also am a compulsive list maker. I have lists of lists and let’s just leave it at that.

Music breathes life into me. I have a huge variety in my taste in music. check out my hype machine page here.

I am a very competitive board game player.

I own a ridiculous amount of lip gloss and mascara.

Good food has a huge space in my heart.

I write about the things I love. That means I write a lot about good food, decorating, crafting, beauty products, adventures, entertainment and just about anything else that pops up in my head. I write about my life. I hope you will stick around and see the trials and errors as this sparkly mess takes on many new challenges.


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