December Music Loves and Finds from Hype Machine.
If you aren’t already using Hype Machine to find new music you should be Click here to check it out yourself. Here are my Obsessions so far this month. Enjoy!!

December Music

Music such an important part of my daily life. Follow me on Hype machine to what I’m listening to the rest of the month.

Shakey Graves – Late July. One Man Band Folk Rocker Alejandro Rose-Garcia is Bursting into the music world and is unbelievable to watch. He is a must see live or on Youtube if live isn’t an option. He played a huge music festival here on the Island earlier this year. Shakey Graves is a gifted musical storyteller and a true showman. He has collaborated with many other artists, and is work is definitely on my must listen list.

The Beaches – Little pieces. This band is great combination of rough edges and sweet angst. Little Pieces is a dark rock ballad infused with addicting guitar riffs and powerful vocals. The band is comprised or 2 sisters and 2 of there school friend. The are a young band, I hope to hear more great things from them soon. Their sound, influenced by The White Stripes, HAIM, and The Strokes, definitley has staying power.

Seafret – Wild Fire. This Indie/folk duo from Yorkshire England are making waves from Europe all the way over seas to north america. beginning with soft humble acoustic and emotional vocals and crashing into the middle of the song with vibrant thumping and strong spin chilling voices so your pulse almost stops and you feel every word and every note carried ever-long. This seems to be a new wave indie prerequisite and inspirations of Marcus Mumford and the Black Keys seem to peek in at every seam.

Florence and the machine – Delilah, This well known Indie Rock Band Based out of London released Delilah earlier this year. Delilah is part of a set of music videos along with several other set as chapters of a story called “The Odyssey” off their Album “How Big, How Blue,How Beautiful”. Delilah is chapter 6 in this very personal series. I love her dark romantic huge voice. Big power ballads are their style. and their style is like no other. I am a long time fan of Florence and the Machine. I am always waiting for more. I just can’t get enough.

RunRiverNorth – Run and Hide. This Los Angeles alt-rock group under the name Monster Calling Home got there break when their self filmed Youtube music video caught the eye of a Honda Executive. They filmed the video in their own Honda CRV. Honda asked them to preform for 600 other executives at a party. Instead Honda actually lined them up a gig as the musical guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live as a surprise and also offered them a commercial deal with the car company. Their sound, influenced by Cold War Kids, and Awolnation, sneaks up on you before it completely takes over.

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – Birthday Card. This electro-soul collaboration of Londoner Marcus Marr and Aussie Chet Faker blurring the lines between techno and funk. Their up beat, soothing chillness to it that makes you hypnotized to the sound. the vocals are calming and the fast paced beat just gives you an almost 8 minute vacations. I love when music can change your location in your mind and this collaboration definitely sends me to a hot sunny beach somewhere for a few minutes anyways. They released there first EP together on Dec 4th and it is worth a listen for sure.