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I’m so excited to share my November music loves with you all. Many different music genres hold a special places in my heart. Music scores my life and my memories. Music is meant to be shared and that’s why I love hype machine so much. Hype Machine never lets me down and this month was the perfect mix to lead into the Fall/Winter season. These are some of my favorite from the past month of my listening history. Check out Hype Machine Here for new awesome music everyday.

NONTA – Pulse. This song gave me shivers the first time I heard it and every time I have listen to it since. NONTA is an Atmospheric Indie Band based out of London, England. This song is so meek and so strong at the same time. I love the pounding electric beats. The build is so powerful it reminds me of a late 90’s power ballad. Nonta’s deceivingly gentle voice just send chills down my spine. Pulse has all the makings for a long time favorite of mine. My heart beats with pulse every time I hear it.

The Watermelons – Silver. this song has reminits of the black keys/metric/mother mother running through its vains. I love the loud beats in the build of this song. The build doesnt dissapoint either the rest of the song is loud and powerful. the mild begins is like

Halsey – Hurricane. The vocals are hypnotic, edgy raspy and soft. She began her journey to the electro-indie rock world by Youtube herself doing covers of Blink 182 and so many others. she released this song in last year and has opened for Imagine Dragons and the Weeknd so far this year and is touring next year with her new album. I also love that her stage name is an anagram of her real name which happens to be Ashley.

A Silent Film – Harbour Lights. An Alternative Rock band out of England. (the English is really owning my music list this month) I am really liking their familiar sound. They choose their band name after their lead singer Robert Stevenson wrote a song using the melody of a Charlie Chaplin film, also to reference Charlie’s many silent films. They have such big sound sound for a two man band. I love the rhythmic section to this song, and the lyrics are very catchy.

One June feat Tesify  – The Devil’s Tears. This is originally an Angus and Julia song. One June did a fantastic job with this cover. This song is so warm and simple. The cover has its own flare of more strings and added percussion. It adds so much to the sound with out taking away from the innocents of the natural music. I love the original but this edit of it makes it even more addicting.

Lily and Madeline – Come to Me. This song grabbed my attention the second it begun. I love the harmonies between the Indiana sisters folk duo. their voices are so soft and the lyrics are bare and raw. This song made me think of the soundtrack of my life. The leaves changing and falling out side my window while listening to this edit made me so happy. The song is catchy on its on but this edit made it irresistible.

Ardyn – Help me on my way. This South Western English Duo is breaking through the ceiling of the indie/folk rock scene with sweetly snapping vocals and crisp percussion and talented fretwork. The twins Katy and Rob were originally called “Kitten and Bear” in there early days. Renamed themselves using the Latin word for enthusiastic. they are working at defining themselves and there sound as a gloomy balladry with some pop-rock undertones. They seem to have a talent for mixing warm melodies with edgy framework. Looking forward to much more from this band soon. New EP releases November 13th.

Hope you enjoy! Happy November Everyone!!


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