This set of nightstands are old but still in good shape they just looked very outdated.  I was so tremendously happy with the way the dresser turned out when it came time for the for the next project I wanted to do the nightstands to match and I am very happy with how they turned out. Now they all look like a matching set.  I am having so much fun re-doing this furniture and figuring out how I want our bedroom decorated. I use pinterest a lot for ideas and came across a gold and turquoise accented bedroom. I loved it so much that I am incorporating those colors into the color scheme. I love the clean chic of the white with a pop of the turquoise color.

So to begin I washed and dried the night stands and took off the hardware. I lugged them outside because it was perfect spray painting weather. The nightstands were pretty scuffed up and worn out a bit. There was no deep scratches or nicks to be filed so I got right at it.

The nightstand before.


The nightstand drawer before

So I took the night stands outside and got them ready to paint. I don’t usually do this I only paint outside when the weather is just right but today was perfect.

Nightstands after first coat

Two coats of Krylon Dual Paint+Primer in Ivory is all that it took to turn these into new nightstands. For the handles I did the same as I did for the dresser and sprayed them with Krylon Metallic in Brilliant Gold. *Spary Paint Magic*

Handles for the bedroom


I’m so in love with decorating our bedroom that I’m kinda sad that I’m almost done, but I have so much more to do in so many other rooms and I am very excited to soon focus on that.The Dressers AfterI think they turned out perfect!

Few Spray Painting Tips

  •     –  Shake Shake Shake seriously! shake for at least 2 minutes just to make sure the paint is well mixed you don’t know how long that can was sitting o a shell at the sore and it may have separated some to you want to mix it well in t a smooth mixture before you start spraying and shake again after every few mins                                                                                                                          –   Clean you Furniture first you will regret not dusting off the corners of shelves or bits of dust in the details of your projects.          –   Keep moving in a side to side motion to avoid runs in your paint.                                                                                                    –   Have Patience and let it dry in between coats.

The PaintHappy Painting!!

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The Nightstand.


Up next will be The Shoe Shelf. check back soon for more fun.