My Boyfriend Glen has a job which causes him to be away from me for weeks, sometimes months at a time. Lucky for him I love to travel. Every chance I get I am on the go, it doesn’t really matter where it is either. I am the type of person that can be comfortable anywhere. If he is going to be gone for more than a six weeks I will try and go to see him. In June of this year I was missing him so much so I decided to make the trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario, which is where he was working. He works as usual while I am there but that doesn’t slow me down. We had a great time and I got to enjoy another corner of our beautiful country. I love to explore as much as possible.

Planning trips is something I truly enjoy doing. Expedia and TripAdvisor are some of my go to sites for planning. I also check some Instagram hashtags to see what other people are doing in that area. I used Expedia to book my flight hotel and car. and I used TripAdvisor and Instagram to find some pretty cool things to do while I was there.Inukshuk on mountain

Late at night I landed in Thunder Bay and I was greeted at the airport by my wonderful man (flowers and all) I love it when we meet each other at the airport. We drove about 5 minutes to the hotel. we stayed at the Airlane hotel on the west side of the city for the first couple nights. The hotel was very nice for a 3 star. It was very close to a lot of amenities and the staff were great. The next morning I walked up the street to enterprise to pick up my car. A very cute white 2015 Nissan Sentra. The staff there where wonderful and very helpful with suggesting some place to visit. There where also very helpful when I misplaced the keys to the car in the middle of my trip. Big opps on my part. My advise to you.. Don’t Ever Do That.

Now in a new city with a full tank of gas and wheels to drive it was time to explore and get to know thunder bay.

First thing on my list was to hike to the top of Mount Mckay. This was amazing. It was only about 10 minute drive out of town, and a $5 entrance fee to the mountain. It was well worth it. It took me about 45 minutes to hike to the top and the last 15 minutes was a lot of hand to rock. It was an incredible view from the top. The view of the city, the Sleeping Giant and the lake was unreal. It definitely fulfilled my expectations.

city view from top of mount mckay thunder bay

after that I took a drive a little further out of the city a little more and came across another little place called Chipawawa Park. It was so charming with a 1920’s restored carousel. a beachfront family picnic park with a huge playground and lots to see and do.

Horse Carousel

The next day was a day of waterfalls. I love waterfalls. The powerful force of water has always amazed me. It is a calming rush to be able to get so close to something that is so beautiful/dangerous.

Kakabeka Falls is a beautiful Waterfall preserved with lots of care. carefully placed bridges, boardwalks and paths lead you to incredible views of the falls. there is also a legend of a heroic native woman how sacrifice her self to save her tribe by out smarting and ultimately killing some rival tribe members by leading them over the waterfall. This is a must see waterfall in the Northern Ontario area. It is very easy to get find.

The Falls at Pigeon River Provincial Park are my favorite yet. We took a wrong turn near the end of the trail and ended up on the rocks at the very top of the falls! This was a very Thrilling Experience. I was to close to the gushing water and so high up it was amazing. the trail to hike in was reasonably easy. this was definitely my favorite water fall I have seen so far possible because I have never been that close before. I have been IMG_8324 (2)under them just not on top of them.

The Waterfront. I also love city waterfronts. They seem to be the heart of the city. Every time time I travel seem to be in search of the water. Thunder Bay was no disappointment. The Waterfront was filled with charming boardwalks and pathways that led to spectacular views. There way a restaurant, fountains, boats docks, a walking bridge, a splash pad. an small amphitheater near by and just steps away from shopping and more restaurants beautiful area but crossing a very busy street to get there made it a little tough. There was a family for ducks in the lake while we walked, Glen played with them a bit. He was really great at getting them you follow us around. I love that he will do this stuff with me. We like to be weird together. One of the many reasons I love him.

IMG_8319After our stroll around the waterfront. We enjoyed a wonderful evening out downtown Thunder Bay. A local pub called The Foundry on Red River Road was where we had dinner. The Foundry is a funky little Irish Gastropub in the entertainment district of Thunder Bay. It has tons of local flare. The place was packed, and it was a Tuesday. we started with some of the micro beers. We chose 5 Creatively made beers off there extensive list of draft highlighting local craft beers. including a raspberry beer, birthday cake beer and a chocolate banana flavored one. Then came the appetizers.. the Applewood Bbq Rib Fingers. They where excellent soaked in sauce and we had six ribs to share. The Ribs went very well with the beer. As main entrees we went for the pub fare menu it just seem to fit the atmosphere. I had the Smoked Maple Bacon Grilled Cheese with the house cut fries. it was IMG_8348delicious! Glen had the Foundry Burger and it was amazing!! We were so happy with our decision for our meal! The Foundry did not disappoint us at all. We both Highly recommend this place. They also have live music every weekend. If I am ever back I will be going to check out more of this place.

The next day I was on my own again so off I went to wonder around and explore the city some more. so I went out to Fort William historical park. I learned a lot about the trading system that helped grow this country. It was beautiful as it is a live historical tour all the employees are in period costumes and are all very well knowledgeable on the era. I’m not going to lie though my favorite part was the baby goat. 2 day old and just adorable.

After the tour I ventured back downtown for some shopping and stumbled across this small bakery called Sweet Escapes Bakery they had hot delicious caramel lattes and so may sweet treats to pick from. I got some Lime and coconut macarons and some lemon and red velvet cupcakes just so I could try as much as i could. all I have to say is pure perfection.

IMG_8355The last day I spent in Thunder Bay. Glen and I got to go out to Sleeping Giant Park. We drove east of town for about 40 mins this is a magical place for hikers. It has acres upon acres of camping and hiking trails right on lake superior. It is a breathtaking drive/hike this is a must do when in the Thunder Bay area. we did the Thunder Bay look out trail and it was incredible. The drive was Beautiful on rustic windy gravel roads. The lookout boosts unforgettable panoramic view overlooking lake superior onto Thunder bay. Well worth the trip. We both wish we would have spent more time here. This is definitely my Favorite trip within the trip. I am a very luck girl.IMG_8373


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