This Shoe Shelf used to be the upper shelf of a hutch I already own. I am using the bottom of the hutch for a television stand right now and have been using it for a while. I love having a shoe shelf in my bedroom it is essentially an accessory shelf. It will hold my shoes, jewelry, scarves and some books. It also is functional for displaying some decor.

The hutch shelf before

The Shoe Shelf Before

This shelf was in really good shape so I kinda felt like I shouldn’t paint it but I really wanted it match the bedroom set.

The Shoe Shelf Primed

I was playing around with technique and decided to prime this one even though i didn’t prime any of the others so we will see if this one turns out any different.

The Shoe Shelf After

I love how it turned out!! I don’t think the primer made a big difference with this piece in comparison to the others it just needed one coat less I just did a light second coat instead of a full coverage second coat.

The Shoe Shelf

The Shoe Shelf is one of my favorite things in my house right now. I love the amazing magical power a can of spray paint holds. This transformation is beautiful. My bedroom set of misfits is coming together so nicely! All I need a few more projects and details and our bedroom will be finished. Coming soon will be curtains, headboard and wall art projects so come back soon to see what I’m up too!

Here is a link to the other parts in my Bedroom Set Makeover – The Dresser and The Nightstands

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