My 7 year old daughter and I took a weekend getaway. Little B loves shopping and hanging out with me, for now anyways.  We had a great time! We took the 2+ hour drive over the bridge to the province next to ours, New Brunswick. We toured around a bit and went out to supper then stayed the night in a hotel. She loves trips like this. We love to shop and even though Moncton might not be as convenient as our nearest city on the Island, We love a change of scenery. Oh, and Moncton has a Sephora, which we do not have on the Island. The Sephora haul this trip was a quick trip through because of the school shopping we had to do for Little B before grade two. I basically was just running in for shampoo and conditioner but we always seem to get caught up in all the joy of being around all the glamorous beauty product. We Love Sephora.

So quickly here is what I got this trip.

The Goods.
The Goods.

Sephora is one on my Favorite stores. next to any Chapters/ Indigo store that include a coffee bar of some sort. usually a Starbucks. Oh, I could spend hours wondering around both of these stores. Sephora just fascinated me with the displays of all the colorful makeup and skincare and all sorts of beauty products. and I love the mini section. I love the fact that you can buy a smaller version of products to try. Sample size product don’t always give you enough to be able to decide if you want to put these items in your regiment. they sell them mini sizes at a decent price so a regular person like me can say  ”I use dior mascara” (or whatever high end product you may dream about) without having to actually spend a ridiculous amount of money on mascara. Even though I do spend a lot of money on beauty products. I start out on the mini version for a while before committing the full size versions of the product. If I’m buying full size products its because I have normally tried them and I already love them. Thank you Sephora for making this option available for most of the products you sell.

Living Proof. Perfect Hair Day. Living Proof Perfect Hair DayThis has been my favorite shampoo and conditioner for a long while now. Using it for probably about a year and that’s a long time for the same brand of shampoo and conditioner. This stuff makes my hair feel fantastic for days. It is very light and if you use product in your hair regularly it helps it feel cleaner longer. I don’t know the magic that happens inside these bottles but my hair styles better, it feels better, not near as many flyaways, and it smells great. I only wash my hair a few times a week. but with this Hair care line it takes longer to look and feel dirty. I used to have greasy hair after a day, not any more. I love this shampoo.I buy the full size versions and that means I have tried them many of times and I am so happy with them.

Sephora Coconut Body Scrub. I’m pretty sure this item is now discontinued because I got a Coconut Body Scrubfull size version for $7. I’m sad about it though because I loved it. This scrub makes my skin feel amazing. It smells soooo good, like a coconut milkshake. I guess I will be shopping around for a new body scrub very soon.

Fresh Youth PerserveFresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. I have tried a few FRESH face creams in the past and I am always going back to them. They all amaze me by how light the cream goes on. They don’t feel heavy or greasy at all. I decided to give this one a try since I am Getting very close to turning 30 which doesn’t mean I’m old. It just means I am trying even harder to win the war against my skin and trying to slow the process down some. I am glowing about this face cream and hoping it will perform miracles, or at the very least I hope it will begin to soothe my skin from everyday wear and tear.

HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim. I Bought this because i have been wanting to try it out.  I was looking for a lighting powder for a while… and this one works!! I have only used it sparingly though. Mimicking light with makeup HOURGLASS Lighting Powderseems very complicated to me, but using this to highlight my cheeks and my lower forehead actually evened out my makeup and made my face look finished and natural. As if I had almost perfect lighting just following me around for a while.

The Freebies! My favorite part of the Sephora is the free Samples. I love shopping online because you get to pick from many samples, and you get to pick three. At the store they only give you one. Sephora free stuff makeupThis trip I got the Aterlier Cologne in Manderine Glaciale pur perfume. I also used some of my VIB points to get the Urban Decay Seven Days of Shadows sample set. I love free stuff!!


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