Metallic Pumpkins

This Fall has been so refreshing so far. Brynn and I went to the pumpkin patch today and pick out pumpkins to paint.I used all Krylon Spray Paint on the pumpkin in Metallic Bronze, Silver and Gold with the ColorMaster White Primer. I usually carve and paint pumpkins every year, and this year is no different. the count down to Halloween is on and we have to finalize costume ideas for little one and for us.

This year my painted Pumpkins will reflect my obsession with metallic colors. I am loving all the metallic colors this year. they are so chic and pretty and seem to flow so well with the colors of this season and will slip beautifully into winter so nicely. I am SO happy with how they turned out and how little effort I had to put in to this decor. This Project is so easy and fast. The colors transformed my pumpkins in to something whimsical. I LOVE Fall. I hope you enjoy!

Fall Pumpkins


Primed Pumpkins


Metallic Pumpkins



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11 comments on “The Painted Pumpkins.”

  1. Wow I love them
    I am dangerous with a can of gold spray paint. Everything looks better for that second until the stray paint has gone My gold wellys are still rocking it though!

    • Thanks! I am in love with gold spray paint. I truly am worried that I will eventually paint everything I own gold!

  2. They really look very gorgeous! We didn’t have a pumpkin this year but I do love them, the house is just a bit of a building site at the moment Autumn/Fall is my favourite season for the colours, the fallen leaves and it’s not too warm and not too cold. #AnythingGoes

  3. I really love these. You are giving me ideas for next year! They are so effective. We got a little creative with the paint this year and did Minions, including a baby (secretly an orange). We have a big Halloween ‘do’ for the family and a pumpkin competition. We won our own competition this year! Nice to meet you at #abitofeverything Nicky x

    • Congratulations on your big win! We love minions in our house. last year we did painted super heros they where very cute. Nice to meet you too and thanks for the visit Nicky Stop in again soon!!

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