This Kitchen Counter Top Makeover was Super Easy and Cheap.
This project took years off my kitchen and the Impact is huge. So happy I attempted this instead of buying new.

Before and After Counter top

A some of you may know I have decided to paint my counter tops. If you have ever thought of doing this please don’t be scared. I couldn’t be happier with the result. It was way easier than I could have ever imagined. And it was super cheap especially when compared to the price of a new counter top or even the kits that are available in stores. Some of the supplies I already had at home so I didn’t have to buy them.


Counter top before

This is by far one of the easiest home projects I have attempted and definitely has a lot of impact in our home.

You Will Need.

Acrylic Paints in several different colors ( I used 4 shades from antique white to dark brown, and used 2 of each color)
Polycrylic clear gloss
Foam Roller
Sea Sponge
Paint Brushes

Kitchen before

The first thing I did was clean it really well with water and vinegar to get all the crumbs and stuff off.  Then I put 2 coats of primer on over the old counter top. I let it dry for 2 hours between each coat.

Counter top primed

The next part is making the “Granite.” I took my darkest color first which was the dark brown and dip the sponge in the paint then randomly sponge it on. I started in the back corner so if I messed up it wouldn’t be too noticeable. There is no pattern just start sponging it on all over the counter top. make sure you get good coverage but can still see the white showing though then I moved on to the next color (darkest to lightest). I used the same sponge for every color I just rinsed it out in between colors. the acrylic  paint dries pretty fast to you can put color on almost right after color.

Tips: Just be random and don’t over think the sponge painting by the 3rd color you will see the “granite” start to come together. and its not suppose to be perfect.

After the granite is finished and you are happy with how it looks, let it dry and set overnight. I finished this set around supper time so i let it dry until about noon the next day.

Kitchen after

So the next step is Sealing. There are a few different ways you can do this step. This is what worked for me though. You want to use something that won’t yellow overtime so do not use Polyurathane. I used a Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic in a gloss finish. I chose the Polycrylic because the paint was acrylic and i figured the sealer should be and I didn’t want to use an oil based product on a food surface so please stick to water based products.

For the Sealing step I followed the directions on the can. I used a brushed and a foam roller to apply the sealer. I used a brush over the edges and the back edge and I used a roller over the rest of the counter top. I waited at least 2 hours between each coat. you can sand before you apply each coat but i was too scared to mess up my pretty work so I skipped that part. when everything was said and done I did 5 coats of the Poly to be sure I didn’t miss and part of the counter top and it had even coverage all over the counter top.

Counter top after

Time Breakdown:

I started this project on a Thursday and ended it on a Saturday. here is what my days looked like.

Thursday: Cleaned and 2 coats of primer.

Friday: Painted the “Granite” and got 2 coats of Sealer

Saturday: 3 coats of Sealer

I wanted to make sure the counter was nice and dry so i waited until Monday before I used it again and put everything back on it. I had the kitchen table to put all my junk and stuff on and I could still use the stove and the sink with no big issues at all.

Counter top

Cost Breakdown:

This project really only cost me about $30, I had some of the material around my house already. But even if you had to buy everything it is still way cheaper than purchasing a new counter top.

(All prices are approximate)

Primer (quart): $10

Poly (quart): $20

Paint bottles, each: $1.50 (The Dollar Store)

Foam roller (came with tray): $8

Painter’s Tape: $5

Sea sponges: $4

Counter top

Enjoy Xoxo.
Come back again soon for more Kitchen Projects!


8 comments on “The Kitchen Counter Top.”

  1. I am SO going to do this. I’m over my builder basic mfg. home counter tops. I rarely put food on the counters: usually use a cutting board or a plate so no worries if it’s non-toxic as has been asked. I’m going to buy some water-based primer next trip to town, and check my stash for the rest of the list. I think I actually have everything else already. Maybe I’ll have it done by Christmas. thanks for the post.

  2. I love this idea so much! I’m scared as well but I will try it.
    What kind of primer was used? And how did you apply it? Was it white or did you have a color mixed in?

    • Hi Marilyn, Thanks so much. Good luck !
      I used a regular latex primer in white. and I brushed it on. I hope this helps. I would love to see how your turns out!

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