Headboard cover

The Headboard is a project I have been anxiously waiting to do! I picked out the material a few weeks ago and just have been waiting for the time to start the process. Overall it was a lot easier than I initially thought it would be and I had the whole thing completed in just a few hours. Glen was able to help me a bit which was good because at time you really need an extra set of hands to hold the material in place and keep it tight. I’m so glad he was home to help even with a smooshed thumb and all.

Headboard Materials

So to begin you will need – Plywood, (I used a 60×38 sheet. I got it cut at the hardware store for me when I bought it). You will also need a Twin size eggshell bed foam, Quilt batting and 2 yards of material for the cover, staple gun and staples, hammer, pliers, scissors, buttons and spray paint.

Headboard Foam

Lay out batting and lay foam in the center onto of it then add the plywood and staple it around the edge.

Headboard wood

Lay out the material. Lay board on the center. Staple the material to the plywood on top of the batting. staple along all four edges.

Headboard Leather

Flip board over measure and mark where you want the buttons to be placed on the front.Headboard tuffed

Staple the material down in place marked for the buttons.

Button Covers

I couldn’t find buttons that I really likes for this project so I decided to make some using this kit to cover them myself. I spray painted them with the Krylon gold metallic spray paint that I have used as an accent color in my whole bedroom makeover. This Spray Paint has never let me down. It is an obvious favorite of mine. I love the color and the coverage I get from it.

Buttons After

I attached the buttons with a glue gun directly on top of the staples, pushed them downward to secure them in place.

Headboard after

This is the finished look of the bedroom headboard. I am in love with it!!

Headboard DIY

Try it for yourself! Enjoy!

Bedroom DIY

Bedroom Makeover

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