January Music Loves and Finds from Hype Machine.
If you aren’t already using Hype Machine to find new music you should be Click here to check it out yourself. Here are my Obsessions so far this month. Enjoy!!

December Music

Seriously Check out Hype Machine here for the newest music possible. Here is this months list of my favorite finds. January has proved to be a great month in the music world. The rest of 2016 should be a great year in music. If you want to see more check out my hype machine page for what else I’m loving.

Atlas lab- Wake up slow. I love everything about this song the strong beats and clean acoustics mixed with the edgy vocals.Atlas Lad is a very new emerging band on the indie genre. This Indie Psych Soul band developed in late 2015 with their first EP out Just the yesterday January 23/2016 I’m sure we will here lots more from them later this year.

Oh Wonder – Livewire. This London based duo was welcomed to America with a sold out show in Seattle this month.the amazing dueling vocals of Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht. All their hard work is definitely pushing them in the right direction. back in September 2014 they decide to produce a song a month for a year and very successfully achieved this goal. They have sold out shows in Europe, Russia, and Australia. Now they are making waves over here in America.

Banners – Start a Riot. I have been trying to write this review for a while now but I keep getting lost in this song. I can’t stop listening. The haunting vocals make my heart stop. Reminisce of Coldplay and Dallas Green are sprinkled through out his style but he still makes it his very own. Mike Nelson better know a BANNERS, was brought up singing in a choir in Liverpool, UK. He is now one of my favorite male vocalist. the smooth raspy addicting voice just makes me melt.This song slowly build into a heart pounding ballad. I have listen to a few other of his songs and they are just as good. Banners is amazing, definitely take a listen to this one or a few of his other ones as soon as you can.

Horse Party – Gratitude Falling.  This dark spin tingling sound of this band just grabs you and pulls you into the music.The creepy clean guitar lines followed by edgy confident vocals that demand to be heard. this song build to a frenzy but never loses control. its is calm and collected angry being released. Horse Party achieved this addicting Bluesy sound while bringing something new to the expansive indie table.I definitely will be waiting for more from this band.

The Royal Foundry – Running Away. This Husband and wife duo have inserted themselves, quite ambitiously, into the electro indie folk scene. their sound is a filled with wonderful harmonies and great hooks.  Jared and Bethany Salte of Alberta, Canada write songs about their marital lives, the challenges and life lessons adventure through together.  They have great chemistry as artists and as life partners. Their Blog makes me love them more because of how real they are. Give them a listen.

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