Gift Wrapping has never been a strong point for me. With this idea of using Black craft paper and chalk markers, I amazed myself. Christmas Gift wrapping this year has been very fun and I was able to get very creative.

Gift wrapping

Black craft paper I got at Micheal’s for $4 a roll and there is a lot on the roll.
Chalk markers I got at the dollars store for 1.25 each
Then all you need is Tape and your choice of ribbon and bows or any other gift accessories you want.

Gift wrapping

Little Brynn had a great time helping me by drawing Christmas pictures on some of the gifts as well!
I Hope everyone of you have a magical holiday season! Thanks for all your support in 2015 and I am looking forward to even more great things in 2016.

Christmas Wrapping paper

Just wrap up a gift and get as creative as you want! Gift wrapping can be fun.

gift wrap

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