My Little Witch

This October was a Blast. I love this month so much! The trees changing colors, the crisp fresh air is refreshing as we move slowly into winter.We Even got a brand new Prime Minister this month, Congrats to Justin Trudeau. The cooler temperatures means boots sweaters and scarves and this makes me so happy. Lattes are even more delicious in the chilly breeze. and there is just something about fall that makes me Happy.

These are a few of my favorite things from this October.

  1. Metallic Colored Pumpkins (Click┬áHERE for a full tutorial). Metallic’s are my favorite colors this year. I love them on anything and in any color. with the fall palette they just seem to fit so seamlessly.

Silver Pumpkin

2. Coffee and Manicures. My Favorite Coffee is from Jo Mamma’s Coffee Hut in Summerside. they made a delicious Pumpkin Spice latte all year round. My Personal go to latte is their Caramel Latte, it is amazing! ┬áSo Much Love For Jo Mamma’s.
One of my favorite things to do is go to the spa. I love getting my nails at Island Escape Aesthetics. Rebecca is so talented and sweet I am always so happy with her work. This month I got a Shellac French Manicure and a Custom Facial. My skin feel so amazing since my appointment. I definitely will be getting a facial every time the seasons change.

Manicure and Coffee

3. Halloween. Candy and Costumes are some of our favorite things in October. This month we had a blast picking out costumes and making so many seasonal treats. Candy Apples, Pies and so much more.

Halloween Candy Apples

My Little Witch

4. Brooklyn Nine NIne is one of my favorite TV shows this month. Above is Brynn as a “Not a really Scary” Witch, she wanted to be something scary but not really scary so this is what we picked together. Next is Glen and I as Brooklyn Nine Nine Characters Charles and Amy when they were in costumes as Mario Batali and a Skeleton. (if you don’t get the reference, watch Season 1 episode 6 on netflix) This show is so good and so funny you really should go watch the whole thing and just thank me later.

Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween Everyone! I Hope you enjoyed October as much as we did. But we are all Looking forward to and Awesome November. Happy Sunday!