I am loving The Bedroom Makeover so much! I am having a blast finding new ideas and incorporating them with my own little spin on them. Our Bedroom is coming along so well, I am obsessed with the cream, gold and turquoise color scheme so much. It is beautiful and calming but clean and gorgeous. There is still a few projects left for this room. This one being a painting I made by painting over another painting (frame and all). the original painting was a cheap wall art type you buy at Walmart or Micheal. The original made a great canvas for the super easy birch tree painting I wanted to create. This creation is credited to Alexis at persialou.com click here for a more detailed description. This painting is so beautiful and simple. you need to try this you will end up with a beautiful piece for somewhere’s in your home. It would also make a beautiful house warming for baby gift. I may be making another one soon in another color scheme.

  • Supplies:
  • Primer
  • Gold metallic spray paint or whatever you want to use i used it for the frame
  • you don’t need these if you are using a new canvas
  • Canvas  I used an old piece of art but would look great on stretch canvas as well.
  • Masking tape I used painters tape i had in my home already but you could buy masking tape at the dollar store in what every width you want.
  • Acrylic Paint in whatever colors you have (i used a light blue and a darker blue black and antique white)
  • Foam paint brush
  • A small paint brush
  • Metallic gold paint
  • Gold metallic paint or gold leaf as shown in Alexis post
  • An old credit card or store card.


  • Step One: Prime whole piece of art and paint the frame
  • Painting Before
  • Primed Painting
  • Step Two: Cover all of the inside canvas with antique white paint
  • Tree Painting
  • Step Three: Tape off canvas where you want the trees. I made my big tree with two piece of masking tape. Press edges of tape down well to prevent any runs.Birch Tree Painting
  • Step Four: Paint the background. I used two shade of blue one at each end and blended them together slowly in the middle to try and achieve the ombre effect.birch tree painting
  • Step Five: Carefully peel of tape once completely dry I left mine overnight just to be sure.
  • Paint Technique
  • Step Six: Squeeze a bit of the black paint onto your palette (or in my case a paper plate with Olaf on it)  Dip the edge of your card into the paint. Place the edge of the card onto paper beside to your working surface, and then pushing down on the card, scrape  it along the paper.  Practice a few times to figure out how much paint and pressure you need to get the look you want. do this to paint along the edges of the white spaces left for the trees.tree3
  • Step Seven: Lightly draw out the heart and initials on the tree, or you could put what ever you want on the tree.Tree Painting
  • Step Eight: Paint the gold over the pencil marks and volia!
  • Birch Tree Painting
  • You just made a pretty awesome, super easy painting!
  • Enjoy!



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